Guides on getting your website boosted-are they real?

Many times, you might have stumbled across an advertisement claiming to help boost your website’s stats, or solve the question that how to increase sales. Most of the time, it is a free e-book, while sometimes, it is just a newsletter. As they are offered for free, almost every person opts in for the content.

What if we told you that,these do not work in real life?The following paragraphs will explain why.

  • It’s just a content

For a website, good content writing is needed. Just like any other website, the guidebook is a content to attract consumers. The content can be written by any newbie, so the end result is a failure, who knows?

  • They are to earn money

With the help of video marketing and link building, the owners of such website tend to earn money. Pay per view or pay per click generates the reward for them, without you even knowing. They simply fool people to make money online.

  • Not practiced

Who does have the time to practice the content that is being published? No one!So, putting in the same methodology can turn out to be false, hence, ruin your website’s stats.

What should you do?

Simply opt for a paid service. Although there are many free services available, such as guides on how to generate leads, none of them will work as good as a paid one. If you are marketing with video, then there are no other means than paid SEO. In SEO, agencies will make use of content marketing.


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