What comes under the term “marketing?”

The internet is the best place to conduct so many aspects of one’s business. Whether it is a B2B lead generation or B2B marketing, you will find services and methods to do it all.

The term “marketing” contains four elements, which are the basis of its existence. These are, first- recognition, selection and expansion of merchandise, second- price determination, third- delivery channel selection, and fourth- improvement and implementation of a promotional plan.

But just like any other thing in the world, even marketing is not absolute. Meaning, it isn’t stuck with just those four elements. They may be the key, but there are various other aspects as well. Like for example, hiring freelancers for the purpose of article writing comes under marketing as well because the contents of the articles written are used for promoting the product. In view of that, here are two things, which help in marketing.

  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization services help the business in getting a higher ranking on search engines like Google so that their sites are shown at the top or at least on the first page. Finding affordable SEO services are what businesses look out for nowadays.
  • SMO: What SEO is to search engines like Google, Social Media Optimization is to social media sites like Facebook. Affordable SMO services ensure that a brand’s social media links are displayed at the top when anyone searches for them on social media links.

Whether it is business video marketing or social media marketing, the end result is always for the benefit of the company.


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